MXB-Setups | Current version: beta19

Version Size Added Type
July 3, 2024
fix: tyres pressure in the garage
fix: collisions, track position and trackside cameras
fix: supermoto tyres on artificial turf
new: support for common bike setups
new: improved sounds effects with distance
1.94 GB24/07/03Full Setup
January 18, 2024
fix: virtual rider simulation
fix: long bike reset during the first lap
1.94 GB24/01/18Full Setup
December 20, 2023
fix: graphics settings change crash
fix: dedicated server replay
1.94 GB23/12/20Full Setup
December 16, 2023
fix: fork simulation
fix: missing skids and water wakes
fix: rendering errors
fix: missing disconnected clients from the replay classification
fix: holeshot in replay
fix: missing temporary models
1.94 GB23/12/20Full Setup
August 13, 2023
fix: live classification
fix: multiplayer data caching
fix: xml results export
1.94 GB23/08/13Full Setup
August 3, 2023
fix: connection crash
fix: crash when returning to pits
fix: track conditions not set at connection
fix: data mismatch check
fix: ban when kicked from a server
fix: multiplayer memory leak
1.94 GB23/08/03Full Setup
March 2, 2023
fix: crash when a server bike is missing
fix: user interface pull-down sort
1.94 GB23/03/02Full Setup
November 14, 2022
fix: lean help
fix: tracks categories in the admin page
1.94 GB22/11/20Full Setup
November 4, 2022
fix: fork simulation
fix: "Rocker Swingarm" rear suspension linkage simulation
fix: slow-speed “legs” simulation
fix: terrain layers and deformation
fix: crash on sharp terrain edges
fix: live race classification
fix: remote bikes volume when “Pit Environment Sounds” is enabled
fix: dedicated server tracks list loop
fix: rider font selection
fix: user interface lists sort slowdown
fix: user interface pull-down search box
fix: replay mouse-look with hidden mouse pointer
fix: transparent surfaces rendering error
new: external view distance and height settings
new: external view “follow bike” option
new: brakes volume setting
new: more realistic lighting
new: separate terrain detail setting
new: bike reset delay server options
new: terrain deformation user interface setting
new: option to remap the user interface keys
1.94 GB22/11/05Full Setup
March 7, 2022
fix: track bridges
fix: race standings and gap
fix: server restart
1.94 GB22/03/08Full Setup
December 8, 2020
fix: tyre simulation on wet asphalt
fix: online records
fix: bike selection page
fix: UI lists sort slowdown
fix: terrain rendering improvements
new: support for pitboard paint
1.92 GB23/06/26Full Setup
November 7, 2020
fix: crash at startup
fix: potential server crash
fix: fork offset garage setting
fix: riding views when joining a server as spectator
fix: race length when joining as a spectator
fix: zero length race setting
fix: names' length in the replay classification
new: support for soft custom track layout objects
1.92 GB23/06/26Full Setup
October 26, 2020
fix: fork offset garage setting
fix: rider dab during slides
fix: spectator join crash
fix: live timing UDP output
fix: straight rhythm in multiplayer
fix: pitboard during the last lap
fix: live screens in replays
fix: rendering performance improvements
fix: web server browser join
new: garage setting to slide the fork in the triple clamps
new: garage setting to adjust the linkage rod length
new: support for soft collisions
new: timed races support
new: qualify practice option, as an alternative to qualify race
new: holeshot award
new: option to limit a server to specific bikes, in addition to categories
new: IPv6 support
new: dedicated server admin commands
new: remote server admin
new: open practice results export
new: option to show the 3D names in replays
new: instant replay
new: replay interface redesign
new: protection paint support
new: additional trick animations
new: the rider heading and dab animations now work in multiplayer, too
new: head tracking linked to lookback animations
new: track paints support
1.92 GB23/06/26Full Setup
May 12, 2020
fix: track checkpoints
fix: suspensions length in replays and multiplayer when changing bike setup
fix: IK LOD
fix: live screens emission
1.92 GB23/06/26Full Setup
November 22, 2018
fix: rear wheel gyroscopic simulation
fix: improved the chain simulation
fix: improved the automatic rider L/R lean
fix: multiplayer collisions
fix: pitboard in race
fix: flags in race
fix: rider lean animations
fix: added the 250x, 450xf and 450sm bike model LODs
fix: 450sm bike model
fix: improved Maryland track
fix: background rendering in high resolution screenshots
fix: Mesa 3D shaders errors
new: changed the bike lean control
new: spectator support
new: revised Club track
1.59 GB23/06/26Full Setup
November 14, 2017
fix: memory optimizations
fix: freeze when another client connects while on track
fix: "very high" network connection setting
fix: supermoto tyres ambient shadow
fix: Nevada sky
1.47 GB23/06/26Full Setup